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Range of plywood products.
  • Sheathing Ply
    Sheathing plywood is a 'good one side' (G1S) plywood and can be used externally (when sealed correctly). Sheathing plywood can be used on roofs, sheds and for boarding up. Prices exclude VAT

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  • Veneered Plywood (Oak, Pine, Sapele)
    Far Eastern Veneered Plywood (Oak, Pine or Sapele Faced) Comes in Various Wood Tones Prices exclude VAT

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  • Far Eastern Plywood
    Far Eastern Plywood is an exterior grade plywood available in a range of thickness and can be used in exterior and interior applications, all boards are made from good quality timber supplied in 8' x 4' sheet sizes A wood-based panel product consisting of layers of veneers glued together, with the direction of the grain in adjacent layers usually at right angles, strong and durable has a variety of uses from roofing and flooring to hoarding and walling The range of product applications for Far Eastern Plywood Includes: Roofing Wall Panels General Construction Cabinets Doors Displays

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  • Marine Grade Plywood
    Marine plywood is manufactured from durable face and core veneers, with few defects so it performs longer in humid and wet conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack Its construction is such that it can be used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods and conforms to BS 1088, which is a British Standard for Marine Plywood

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  • Latvian Birch Plywood
    Birch plywood is a high quality multi-ply panel with excellent physical and mechanical properties It is used extensively in construction, packaging, furniture and vehicle manufacture and other precision engineering applications Birch plywood is made up of multiple layers of relatively thin veneers resulting in a higher glue content for any given thickness compared to plywood panels. While the outer plies are always birch, for some productions where weight and value are of greater importance than strength, alternative birch veneers are replaced with spruce to create a 'combi' construction Its main attributes are its consistent strength, fine grain texture and ease of finishing

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  • Flexible Plywood
    Flexible plywood has a specialised construction, allowing it to be easily bent to shape Flexible plywood is constructed from several veneers all running the same direction which allows excellent flexibility either across or along the grain The arc formed by the bend is perpendicular to the grain direction of the face and the exact bending radii have to be determined in accordance with the type of surface finishing required and the extent of the surface to be treated The bending radii will vary according to thickness

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  • Non-Slip Plywood
    Non-Slip Plywood can be used for play equipment, trailers, stages and is now one of the main decking boards utilised by vehicle manufacturers throughout the UK Nearly all of our slip resistant panels are either FSC or PEFC certified & therefore suitable for government & council contracts Easily worked and CNC machined with the appropriate tooling Also has good chemical and weather resistance and suitable for outdoor applications

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